Ordinary kids, right?
They're Far From It.
So, who are they?
Amy is a 22 year old currency trader from Australia who takes pride in speaking her mind, challenging society’s norms, and being everything her stereotype deems her incapable of. On the other hand, Robert is a 21 year old American web programmer with multiple businesses to his name. While you could term him a "businessman", he does not own a suit, has never printed business cards, and certainly doesn’t work in an office 9-5. They come from opposite ends of the earth and were brought together by their similar mindsets. They never would have met if they held the same beliefs as the majority of the world. Both are free from the rat race and have peace of mind that they will never have to work for someone else. They believe that anything they want is attainable, which is probably why they both drive Lamborghini’s, and flew around the globe to see each other "just because".

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